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Reposturing Services 


Body Reposturing

Reposturing therapy helps you feel fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age.It combines the suspension stretch, enhanced by the power of your breath and performance massage provided by your Reposturing Practitioner.  It is designed to remodel your fascia network, realign your aesthetic and functional symmetry, and liberate your muscles for movement.With this work, you will have great posture effortlessly and naturally. 



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Massage Reposturing

Go beyond mere relaxation and traditional massage. Reposturing Massage goes the extra mile to include toes, ears, chest, and hands in addition to the larger muscle groups. 

Reposturing Massage enables you to experience a relaxing therapeutic massage while contributing to postural balance, disperse tension patterns, achieve freedom from pain, and gain more flexibility to do the things you love.  You will also address long term solutions to common issues such as neck & low back pain.

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