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About Posture Reposturing


Reposturing therapy helps you feel fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age.

It combines the suspension stretch, enhanced by the power of your breath and performance massage provided by your Reposturing Practitioner.  It is designed to remodel your fascia network, realign your aesthetic and functional symmetry, and liberate your muscles for movement.

With this work, you can have freedom from pain and vitality you can actually see---with effortless and naturally great posture. 

Address - 407 N San Mateo Dr, San Mateo, CA 94401

Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 5:00 pm

Phone: (650) 347-4565

Executive Team

Aaron Parnell - Founder

Beginning his career as one of America’s sports therapists, Aaron Parnell served on the first Olympic Sportmassage Team at the 1984 Los Angeles Games.  He went on to become the sole creator and developer of Reposturing®, a method which has helped thousands of people achieve optimum health and vitality with great posture. For over 40 years, he has researched, practiced and helped people gain their freedom from pain and improve their quality of life.

An author of over 100 published articles and the developer of the family of Reposturing Therapies, his work has benefits for every branch of physical medicine, sports, anti-aging, wellness, and beauty.  As a speaker, lecturer, Aaron has captivated the attention of audiences, especially women, as the go-to resource for posture, beauty and pain management.

Paulo Malfatti - CEO

With an MBA in Digital Marketing Strategy, and a track record in Brazil, for being the “Man with the Midas Touch”, Paulo Malfatti has consulted with, acquired, turned-around, and sold over a dozen companies in his career.  His specialty is finding and embedding himself in interesting businesses that have potential for scalability.  With an astute eye for statistical analysis, he helps management identify opportunities, as well as prevent and minimize loss and waste.  Additionally, he codes websites, designs brands, and strategizes sales, social media and advertising campaigns.

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