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Facial Reposturing

Face of Natural Beauty

#facial reposturing #the new face of natural beauty Aug 16, 2022

By Alison Kaye Seveon

At first it seems absurd, but the connection between facial stress and pre-mature aging makes logical sense in a therapy training for Aestheticians and Massage Therapists called, “Facial Reposturing®; a deep massage to the facial core-muscles." The therapeutic treatment is a derivative of a full body therapy known as Reposturing®, developed by Aaron Parnell, a member of the first U.S. Olympic Sportsmassage Team in Los Angeles.

Parnell proceeded to explain how poor posture has a direct effect on how tension patterns develop in the face, jaw and neck:

Jaw and facial muscles contract, becoming shorter and tighter which cause the layer of skin on top to wrinkle or crease. “When a person’s poor posture and stress tension patterns are eliminated from their facial muscles, skin wrinkles immediately relax and deep lines become smoother or are
eliminated altogether,” said Parnell.

Once the upper body is realigned according to its natural position - working with gravity instead of against it – the actual work on the face can begin.

The technology of Reposturing refreshes and restores the functional and aesthetic flexibility to facial muscles that have been ravaged, weakened and depressed by time, stress, poor posture and gravity. Parnell believes that positive and long-lasting results from the Facial Reposturing® will add value to the services of aestheticians and massage therapists.

Specific deep-muscle massage and stretch techniques on the face and jaw alleviate tension and stress from three muscle groups: mimetic – the muscles of facial expression, mastication – muscles used for eating and swallowing. The techniques are applied to the exterior of the Latex gloves and a dental mouth prop are used to enable the aesthetician or massage therapist to stretch and massage the facial muscles from the inside of the mouth.


“In many circles of aesthetics, it is taught that the skin must never be pulled,” said Parnell, “but our concentration is on the core-muscles of the face, which we stretch back to the original length so the skin can lie flat again. A bedspread won’t lie smooth if the sheet underneath is knotty and wrinkled—The same is true for the facial core-muscles and skin relationship.   The skin will not lie flat and naturally wrinkle-free, if muscle tension and poor posture cause the bones of the neck and jaw to wedge in an attempt to establish a new balance-point.”

In a regular session, the entire Facial Reposturing® treatment can take between 25-30 minutes as certified practitioners concentrate on clients’ specific areas of facial tension.  Some clients opt for the Advanced Full-Body Facial Reposturing series of 12 weekly sessions, which addresses tension patterns throughout the body, that contribute to facial tension and premature aging.

Among the students of the 3-day training, each looked years younger, well rested and refreshed. The dramatic results of the techniques practiced by the participants surprised all. “It was like getting a face-lift without the surgery, expensive costs and negative side-effects,” commented one very excited massage therapist. “I see dollar signs in my eyes because the results are so real, immediate and long-term.  Everyone is going to want this,” said another. “That youthful glow has suddenly returned to my cheeks,” followed an aesthetician.  These were only the visible, cosmetic results.


Although Parnell himself makes no claims about it, it is possible that this therapeutic technology may do more for overall well-being than just the cosmetic benefits.  Several of his own clients have reported that this treatment also helps to relieve the muscle-tension pressure that may lead to dental problems such as cracked teeth, root canals, TMJ Syndrome symptoms such as facial numbness, jaw achiness and headaches, and circulatory challenges such as difficult salivation, the flow of tears and even sinus pressure.

Another unique aspect of this training is the information Parnell shares regarding “emotional anatomy.” Parnell explains that although it is an inexact science, it seems that specific emotions are held in certain muscles, which is why restoring freedom to these areas can possibly trigger different emotional releases. “A practitioner needs to be alert to this possibility in order to be aware and supportive to the client, and not be startled, should he or she suddenly begin to emote by crying, laughing, or recalling a life-changing event,” said Parnell.

Facial Reposturing®, core-muscle facial massage offers the client something different from an aesthetic deep cleansing, a surgical procedure or a standard massage performed on the face. It is a transformative technique giving the face natural freedom from age and stress lines, wrinkles and painful tension in the head, face and neck. The appearance of youthful vitality and radiance is possible for just about everyone and it’s easy, affordable and safe with this technique.  

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