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The Very Best Yoga Class

Aug 16, 2022

Dear Posture Genius,

I’ve heard enough about Yoga to consider taking a class for the first time, but I’m
not sure what form of Yoga is the best for me. What do you recommend?--Ready
to Reach
Dear Ready--These days, there must be at least a dozen varieties of Yoga available
in every city. In my area alone, there are at least three—each with its own legacy
of a founder, how long the teacher has been studying from his or her Yoga master,
how many times they have been to India to train with the “real” Yogi master, etc.
By the time you’ve heard all the impressive claims, there is one thing for certain:
There are a lot of very good Yoga classes out there which are taught by some very
dedicated Yoga instructors.
Before you get confused by the all of the styles and forms of Yoga, focus on who
has the beginning class that best matches your schedule and is convenient to your
home or workplace. The most important goal to keep in mind is to get your body
as flexible as possible and keep it that way with regular participation. From there,
you can decide if the instructor has the right personality, pace and professionalism
for your taste.
Let me know how it turns out.—Aaron

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