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The Naturally Effective Way to Relieve Facial Stress—Reverse Aging   Restore Beauty   Revitalize Skin

Natural   Non-Surgical   Non-Invasive   Affordable Alternative to Surgery 

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Facial Reposturing Session

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Reverse Aging, Restore Beauty, Revitalize Skin, even if shots and surgery isn’t your thing 

If you’ve been looking for a natural solution to facial stress, lines, wrinkles, and TMJ problems the Facial Reposturing Treatment might be for you!

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Reposturing Services 

Body Reposturing

Reposturing therapy helps you feel fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age.

It combines the suspension stretch, enhanced by the power of your breath and performance massage provided by your Reposturing Practitioner.  It is designed to remodel your fascia network, realign your aesthetic and functional symmetry, and liberate your muscles for movement.

With this work, you will have great posture effortlessly and naturally. 


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Massage Reposturing

Go beyond mere relaxation and traditional massage. Reposturing Massage goes the extra mile to include toes, ears, chest, and hands in addition to the larger muscle groups. 

Reposturing Massage enables you to experience a relaxing therapeutic massage while contributing to postural balance, disperse tension patterns, achieve freedom from pain, and gain more flexibility to do the things you love.  You will also address long term solutions to common issues such as neck & low back pain.

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Why we get Reposturing

Starting the second month of my pregnancy, I remember how stressed out and tight my body felt. I felt as if my chest was caving in and my back muscles were tight coils. In addition, I did not feel comfortable physically with my body or the beginnings of my pregnancy. That first treatment provided immediate relief from the physical strain and fresh hope that I was on my way to a better body and thus, and easier pregnancy.—L.L







"I arrived in tremendous pain, tired, depressed and had a lack of self-worth.  Two years before I was diagnosed with a severe degree of Fibromyalgia.  The doctors offered medication for pain relief but were treating the symptom and not the cause of the problem.  Thank you for inspiring me to achieve a state of vitality rather than mere wellness.  As you mentioned, it was not the pain causing the problem; but the problem was causing the pain. I can now breathe easier and with greater capacity.  I walk with vigor and grace.  The pains have diminished greatly, and I now feel I am in control of my body.  –P.E"



I felt my posture improve after my first session and the measurement of my rib cage has increased a full inch!  The trainer at my health club took this measurement herself, and could hardly believe it.  I feel that the Reposturing technique is quite innovative and could be the perfect companion to chiropractic.









Reposturing Academy


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The Posture Genius offers Posture Optimized Fitness classes. 

Designed to maximize your ability to achieve your fitness goals. Classes are done in groups of 4 to 12 students.   

Posture Genius fitness classes are available through our Instagram page as well as in our studio. The equipment and gear need it for our classes come from this list: Ropes, Yoga Straps, a Chair, or Training Bench.

Call the center for the schedule. Or, email us for the schedule of online classes.